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Taliban Attacks Remote Afghan Army Outpost, Killing 10

FILE: Afghan security forces during the military operation in Takhar province.

The Taliban launched a deadly assault on an army outpost in a remote region of Afghanistan's northern Takhar Province, killing 10 local police officers and wounding nine, a local official said on March 9.

Provincial police spokesman Khali Aseir said that a large number of Taliban fighters assaulted the outpost overnight.

Aseir said the 10 members of the local police were ambushed and killed while on their way to the outpost to assist the Afghan soldiers in the remote district of Khwaja Ghar.

There were no casualties among the soldiers.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the assault and the killing of the police officers. He claimed the Taliban had inflicted a far higher number of casualties, but the insurgents often exaggerate their claims.

The report couldn't be independently confirmed because of the area's remoteness.

With reporting by AP