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Afghan Army Officer Who Deserted While In U.S. Is Arrested

Map - Afghanistan
Map - Afghanistan

An Afghan military officer who deserted last month while participating in a training program in the United States was arrested on a train in the U.S. state of Montana, U.S. authorities said on October 15.

"He initially claimed to be from Mongolia," border agent Craig Duff said. "During questioning, he admitted to being from Afghanistan."

Authorities discovered Mustafa Tanin's U.S. visa had been canceled because he had deserted while training in Texas, along with another Afghan military officer.

Tanin did not say where he was heading and did not resist arrest, Duff said, adding that Tanin did not ask for political asylum.

Tanin is being held in Great Falls and will be transported to Salt Lake City, where he will face deportation proceedings.

Separately, three Afghan military officers who were participating in a joint military training exercise in Massachusetts were detained last month after they crossed the Canadian border to seek refugee status.

They said they feared retribution by the Taliban because of their work with U.S. soldiers.

Canada denied the men entry but later allowed one to make a refugee claim.

Based on reporting by AP and Havre Daily News