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Afghan Candidate Says Unity Deal Can't Accommodate Two Leaders

Ashraf Ghani
Ashraf Ghani

One of Afghanistan’s two rival presidential candidates has said that talks on a national unity government will continue but that the country cannot accommodate two leaders.

Ashraf Ghani‘s remarks come two days after rival candidate Abdullah Abdullah said talks on a power-sharing deal were deadlocked and that he won't accept what he called a fraudulent vote result.

Ghani said he will not agree to a deal with Abdullah that compromises the constitution.

The talks have stalled over the issue of what powers should be given to a newly created position of chief executive.

Afghan election officials said on September 10 that they would announce the result of the final vote sometime next week.

They said they would not hold back the results of an internationally monitored audit until a power-sharing deal has been reached between Abdullah and Ghani.

With reporting by Reuters