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Afghan Election Results Delayed Until Next Week

Afghanistan's Independent Election Commission (IEC) says an announcement of the initial results of the presidential runoff election have been delayed until July 7.

IEC head Ahmed Nuristani said on July 2 that the five-day delay is to allow an audit of 1,930 of the 23,000 polling stations nationwide, a move designed to boost confidence in the vote-counting process.

Candidate Abdullah Abdullah, previously seen as the election front-runner, boycotted the count of the June 14 runoff vote over alleged fraud, while his opponent, Ashraf Ghani, claimed victory.

In an interview with the BBC, Abdullah said he would respect Ghani if he is determined to be the winner but only if it is proven that the election was fair.

He also said he would do everything he could to ensure a "legitimate outcome" to the runoff.

With reporting by AFP, dpa, and the BBC