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Afghan President Orders Probe Into UN Police Corruption Report

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani speaks during a visit to Nangarhar Province to meet and express sympathy to the families of victims of the recent bank suicide attack, in Jalalabad on April 23.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has ordered the Interior Ministry to investigate why a United Nations-funded report on corruption in the police force was apparently ignored.

Reuters reports it has seen a copy of the president's directive. The news agency quotes a spokesman for Ghani as saying, "We will not tolerate any kind of corruption."

The UN-funded report was intended to identify corrupt practices at the Law and Order Trust Fund of Afghanistan (LOTFA) that pays for Afghan police salaries, but the report was never distributed.

The report recommendations include firing officials who sabotage the system for processing complaints about misconduct.

Last year, a U.S. agency that oversees spending in Afghanistan alleged that LOTFA had lost track of millions of dollars in payments to "ghost employees."

Based on reporting by Reuters