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Afghan Taliban Decry UN Report On Civilian Casualties

Members of the Afghan police stand guard at a checkpoint in Kabul on February 18 following a Taliban suicide attack the day before.

The Afghan Taliban have accused the United Nations of "unjust and political motives" in reporting that the group was responsible for the majority of civilians casualties in 2014.

In a report released on February 18, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said 72 percent of the civilian casualties were attributed to the Taliban and other militant groups.

"The findings of the report are unjust, and we refute them," the Afghan Taliban said in a statement on February 19.

"The United Nations does not show the crimes that the Afghan military, under the Kabul administration, is committing against civilians,” it added.

The UN said the number of civilians killed or wounded in fighting in Afghanistan jumped 22 percent last year to 10,548, the highest level in five years.

Based on reporting by dpa