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Afghan Village On Turkmen Border Comes Under Attack

Six Afghan border guards have been wounded in an attack on the northern village of Marchak, along the border with Turkmenistan.

The chief of security in the Afghan district, Daulat Mawin, said the attack started late on June 4, when militants launched an assault on the village, which is located in Afghanistan's Baghdis Province.

Mawin told RFE/RL that several militants were also killed in the clash.

Mawin said the security situation in the region had been deteriorating for several months.

He noted that Turkmen border guards have increased their surveillance and are now flying regular helicopter patrols along the border.

The Afghan-Turkmen border had been stable for most of the years that foreign forces have been operating in Afghanistan.

Last year, however, militant groups started staging attacks, including cross-border raids.

Six Turkmen soldiers have been killed this year along the Afghan-Turkmen border.