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Police Say Fighting In Northeast Afghanistan Ended With Heavy Taliban Casualties


Afghan police say government forces have killed 27 Taliban fighters during "intense fighting" that lasted nearly 24 hours in the northeastern province of Badakhshan.

The provincial police chief, Colonel Sakhidad, said fighting in Badakhshan's Jurm district ended in the early hours of April 11.

Sakhidad said eight of the dead militants were foreign fighters, including Tajik nationals.

Six soldiers were killed and 12 wounded in fighting, he added.

According to local officials, fighting began when Taliban militants attacked security outposts in the district's Dara-e Khistak village early on April 10.

"Reinforcements backed by aircraft were quickly sent to support security forces," the officials said.

The Taliban said it has "inflicted casualties" on government forces in Jurm but didn't provide details.

In a separate incident on April 11, at least 11 people were injured in a blast in Parwan Province in Kabul's north.

There were no immediate claims of responsibility for the blast.

April 11 has been relatively peaceful, a day after three separate attacks killed at least 15 people across Afghanistan.