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Dyncorp Workers Killed By Bomb Were Afghan Army Trainers

A U.S. DynCorp security company employee secures the area around the Provincial Reconstruction Team PRT facilities in Herat. (file photo)

Three DynCorp International employees who were killed by a car bomb in Kabul last weekend all worked on a program to train the Afghan Army and police, the company said.

The suicide attack outside a hospital on a busy residential street had targeted the Dyncorp workers, although it also killed nine Afghan civilians and wounded more than 60 others.

Two of the U.S. men killed -- Richard McEvoy, 57, and Barry Sutton, 46 -- were from the state of Georgia, while the third, Corey Dodge, 40, was from Maine, the company said.

McEvoy was a retired U.S. Army colonel who joined the company in 2008. He managed a largely U.S.-funded program to advise and mentor Afghanistan's police and army, which the other two also worked on.

"These men...were making a difference on behalf of their country," said Lou Von Thaer, chief executive officer of DynCorp International.

DynCorp is the biggest U.S. contractor in Afghanistan, winning $2.8 billion in contracts between 2002 and 2013.

Based on reporting by Reuters and Washington Business Journal