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U.S. Air Strike Accidentally Kills 16 Afghan Security Personnel

FILE: Afghan police officers during an operation in an area retaken from the Taliban, in Ainak area of Nawa district, Helmand province.

An errant U.S. air strike, confirmed by the Pentagon, killed 16 Afghan National Police personnel and injured two others in Helmand Province, officials said on July 22.

The death toll was determined after the compound in Gereshk District of Helmand Province was inspected.

The Pentagon confirmed on July 21 that a U.S. air strike in Helmand Province mistakenly killed a number of Afghan security personnel.

Afghan forces have been waging fierce battles to retake territory in Helmand Province, which remains largely under the control of Taliban extremists.

The governor of Afghanistan's northern Badakshan's Province also announced on July 22 that 11 policeman were killed and six wounded during a fight with Taliban insurgents.

Ahmad Faisal Bigzad said that 20 other members of the local police force in the remote region of Tagab were missing after the firefight on July 21.

The area where the fighting took place is inside a mountainous region, which is difficult to access and telephone contact is erratic.

Based on reporting by AP, AFP, and Reuters