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Afghan Investigation Says Weak Leadership Led To Fall Of Kunduz

Afghan security forces near the central square in Kunduz in October.

Afghan investigators have blamed poor leadership, misuse of resources, and lack of coordination between Afghan security forces for the Taliban’s capture of Kunduz city in September.

"On the day of the crisis, nobody knew who was in charge," said Amrullah Saleh, a former chief of the national intelligence agency, at a news conference in Kabul on November 21.

Saleh was named by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to head the investigation. He did not single out any military or government officials but proposed reform of the National Security Council.

Taliban militants took control of the city on September 28 and held it for three days before government forces, backed by U.S. troops and aircraft, helped them drive the militants out of the city.

Around 200 residents, police, and soldiers were killed in the fighting in Kunduz.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP