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Afghanistan To Launch Online Marketplace

An Afghan official says the country plans to launch next year its first online marketplace to allow local businesses to export products directly to world markets.

Hassib Rahimi, executive director of the government-run Kabul Chamber of Commerce, told France's AFP news agency on June 18, "Because of the political situation, the business are stalled and the investors flee the country, but this online market will give direct access to our traders to sell their commodities to the world."

"The project will be first launched in the big cities in a year," Rahimi said. "We also have plans for big campaigns to reach out the rural areas to enable people to sell their products."

Through the marketplace, the Afghans traders will be able to sell goods such as agricultural produce, handicrafts, and precious stones.

Pride Group, a network of multinational companies headquartered in Dubai, has provided the $20 million funding for the project.

Based on reporting by AFP