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Rockets Hit Diplomatic Area In Afghan Capital

File photo of Afghan intelligence officers detaining a man suspected of placing explosives in Wazir Akbar Khan neighborhood of Kabul, November 2014.

Police and eyewitnesses say three rockets hit an area of the Afghan capital, Kabul, that houses many foreign embassies and government buildings late on December 21.

Initial reports said one rocket had landed near Masood Square close to the entrance to the U.S. Embassy, another hit the nearby area of Shirpur, while a third landed further away near the city center.

No details were immediately available on any casualties or damage.

The explosions at around 9 p.m. local time came hours after a suicide attack on a joint NATO-Afghan military patrol near Bagram air base killed six NATO soldiers.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

The militant group, which gained the control of a district in the volatile southern province of Helmand on December 21, has launched a series of high-profile attack in recent days, including an attack on a Spanish embassy guesthouse in Kabul.

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