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Russia Drafts Agreement On Afghan Arms Supplies

Zamir Kabulov
Zamir Kabulov

Russia is drafting a framework agreement that would govern supplies of weapons to Afghanistan.

President Vladimir Putin's special envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, said on December 29 that the agreement would not stipulate specific weapons deals, but that it is needed as a legal basis for potential future contracts.

Kabulov told the Interfax news agency that Afghanistan "has enough weapons for now" but that "in time, it will be necessary to supply them."

Asked what weapons the Afghan government would like from Russia, he said: "In a word, everything."

Kabulov reiterated that Russia "will definitely not send our troops to Afghanistan," saying, "It's better to equip them and train them so that they can defend
their homeland."

The Soviet Union withdrew its forces from Afghanistan in 1989 after a nearly decade-long war.

Most NATO troops are withdrawing from Afghanistan by the end of this year after a mission that began in 2001, but some 13,500 will remain.

Based on reporting by Interfax