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Gandhara Podcast: The Rise In Attacks Against Afghan Security Forces

Afghan security officials showed journalists three alleged would-be suicide bomb attackers in the eastern city of Jalalabad on October 31.

A wave of Taliban attacks killed more than 200 Afghan Army and police soldiers across Afghanistan last month. In addition, terrorist attacks and infighting between the Taliban and Islamic State (IS) militants have complicated the picture.

The recent hike in attacks comes amid an Afghan and U.S. military campaign which is taking a heavy toll on insurgent manpower.

To understand the reasons behind the current spike in attacks, independent journalist Bilal Sarwary joined our discussion from the Afghan capital, Kabul. In Washington, Barmak Pazhwak, a senior Afghanistan analyst at the United States Institute of Peace, joined our moderator and RFE/RL Media Manager Muhammad Tahir. I contributed from Prague.

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