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Afghans Protests Ruling In Farkhunda Mob Killing

Afghan women protested against a court decision to overturn death sentences for four man convicted in the mob lynching of a woman.

Dozens of Afghans staged a protest rally on July 6 to condemn an appeal court's ruling that overturned the death sentences for four men convicted in the mob killing of a woman in Kabul in March.

The protesters rallied outside a Kabul shrine where Farkhunda, 27, was brutally attacked and killed by a mob after being wrongly accused of burning a copy of the Koran.

The protesters, members of the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan and women activists, carried posters of Farkhunda and chanted "We want justice!"

Last week, the appeals court replaced the convicted men's initial death sentences with prison terms, sparking widespread condemnation.

On July 3, a group of Afghan campaigners met with President Ashraf Ghani to voice their anger over the court's decision.

Ghani, however, declined to intervene in the case, saying in a statement issued by his office "the constitution prohibits him from interfering."

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