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U.S. Ends Control Of Afghan Prisons

The Pentagon says the United States no longer operates any prisons in Afghanistan after more than a decade of war.

A Pentagon spokesman announced late on December 10 that the last three detainees from the Parwan Detention Center had been released from U.S. custody.

Two of the detainees, including Redha al-Najar, were transferred into Afghan custody for possible prosecution, while the third wasn't considered a threat and is seeking resettlement in another country.

In 2002, Najar was the subject of "enhanced interrogation" techniques by the CIA, according to the newly released Senate Intelligence Committee report.

The Pentagon spokesman said the U.S. Defense Department no longer operates detention facilities in Afghanistan, adding that the Afghan government will be responsible for any detention facilities.

The turnover was complicated earlier this year by ongoing U.S. worries that Afghanistan was releasing Taliban fighters who would likely return to the battlefield.

NATO combat troops are due to withdraw from Afghanistan at the end of the month. Some troops will remain to train Afghan army and police forces.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP