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Alleged Russian Taliban's U.S. Trial To Begin July 30

Russian state flag, right.
Russian state flag, right.

The U.S. trial of a former Soviet army officer accused of fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan was postponed until July 30.

The trial of the Russian citizen of Tatar origin, Irek Hamidullin, was originally scheduled to begin on July 27 in Richmond.

According to a federal court filing, the delay was caused by Hamidullin's lawyers needing time to study evidence from the Defense Department that was turned over on July 25.

Hamidullin, believed to be in his 50s, faces 15 criminal counts ranging from supporting terrorists to firearms charges stemming from his alleged orchestration of a 2009 attack on an Afghan border-police base.

Hamidullin, a former Soviet officer and tank commander in the early 1980s, was indicted by a grand jury in October 2014.

The charges against Hamidullin include attempting to destroy a U.S. military aircraft, conspiracy, and attempting to kill a U.S. official.

Based on reporting by Reuters, Richmond Times-Dispatch, and Interfax