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At Least Nine Afghan Police Killed In Taliban Ambush

FILE: An Afghan soldier stands guard at the entrance of a government compound in Farah Province.

An Afghan official says at least nine police officers have been killed by a Taliban ambush on their convoy in the country's west.

Abdul Samad Salehi, a member of the provincial council in Farah Province, said the ambush took place in Anardara district as the convoy was heading to defuse a roadside bomb late on April 24.

Salehi said the militants briefly overran the district police headquarters, igniting hours-long clashes.

The attack took place in the Anardara district of Farah Province
The attack took place in the Anardara district of Farah Province

Reinforcements arrived later and managed to wrest back control of the headquarters, he said.

The Taliban controls large parts of the province, which is located on the border with Iran.

Farah has been the scene of months of fierce fighting between the militant and government troops.

The violence came as the United States continues to push for a peace settlement with the Taliban, with a new round of talks scheduled next month in Qatar.

Based on reporting by AP and dpa

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