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Documents From Bin Laden Raid Read At U.S. Terror Trial

Osama bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan.
Osama bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan.

Declassified Al-Qaeda documents obtained after the 2011 raid of Osama bin Laden's Pakistan compound have been presented at the U.S. trial of a suspect charged in a British terrorism plot.

Pakistani national Abid Naseer, 28, has pleaded not guilty and is defending himself in federal court in the New York borough of Brooklyn. He took the stand February 25 after the prosecution rested and was questioned by his court-appointed adviser, James Neuman.

Naseer was in Britain as a student studying computers and the English language and denied being a member of Al-Qaeda or receiving training from the terror group. He was extradited to New York in 2013.

Prosecutors say the British plot was part of a broader Al-Qaeda conspiracy calling on other cells to attack civilians in New York and Denmark.

Some of the Al-Qaeda documents make reference to plots in Europe, Britain, and Russia. One references plans to bomb a pipeline or the U.S. embassy in Russia.

Based on reporting by AP and BBC