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Members Of Banned Terrorist Group Sentenced In Uzbekistan

Militants of IMU recently claimed responsibility for attacking Pakistan's Karachi airport.

An Uzbek human rights group says that six people have been sentenced to long prison terms for being members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) as part of a large ongoing trial of some 66 suspects accused of terrorism.

The Tashkent-based Ezgulik (Compassion) human rights center said on July 22 that three men, Otabek Ochilov, Zafar Pulatov, and Bakhtiyor Bozorov, along with three women, Lolakhon Qudratova, Nigora Ernazarova, and Aziza Mukhitdinova, were found guilty of taking part in IMU activities, propagating terrorism, and planning to overthrow Uzbekistan's government.

It said the Qashqadaryo regional court in southwestern Uzbekistan sentenced the six on July 7 to prison terms ranging between nine and 15 years.

Ezgulik said more than 60 other defendants are currently being tried for terrorism in Qashqadaryo.

The IMU, which is active in Afghanistan and Pakistan, is believed to have links with Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants.