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Yazd Is Now A World Heritage City

The historical Iranian city of Yazd has been added to UNESCO’s coveted World Heritage List at the World Heritage Committee’s 41st session, which took place in Krakow on July 9.

Yazd is believed to be the world’s largest inhabited adobe city. Its name translates as “divine, sacred, and praiseworthy), and the ancient Yazd's old buildings are all built from mud bricks, which provide natural insulation against cold and hot weather and make the city unique.

The central Iranian city dates back almost 5,000 years, and is home to Persian qanats (an ancient system of water supply) as well as Dolat Abad Garden, one of nine Iranian gardens inscribed collectively on the World Heritage List as “the Persian Gardens.”

Yazd is also known for its Zoroastrian fire temples and tall ventilation structures known as badgirs, or wind-shafts, which function as natural air-conditioners in houses and larger buildings and earned the city the nickname The City of Windcatchers.

Iran, with 22 world heritage sites, is ranked first in the Middle East and 11th worldwide.

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