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Migrants Cluster Near Serbian Border Day After Police Break Up Protest

Migrants sit around a fire inside an abandoned warehouse near Serbian border with Croatia on December 23.

More than a hundred refugees and migrants were still wandering around the Serbian border town of Sid on December 27 one day after Serbian police broke up a protest there.

A few dozen people had protested at the border line between Serbia and Croatia on December 26 and were demanding to continue their trip toward Western Europe.

After police and officials of the Commissariat for Refugees broke up the protest, many migrants went to sleep in the nearby woods. They were provided with food and medical care by humanitarian organizations.

More than 4,000 refugees and migrants are settled in camps provided by the state throughout Serbia.

Humanitarian groups say there are about 500 people living under the open sky throughout the country, avoiding registration with the authorities out of fear that they will be deported to Macedonia and then sent back to their home countries -- mainly Afghanistan and Pakistan.