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Displaced People, Police Injured In Clash In Pakistan

Men carry a person who fainted while queuing up to receive food supplies at a distribution point for those displaced by a military offensive in their North Waziristan homeland. (file photo)

Hospital officials and eyewitnesses say at least four displaced people and nine police officers have been injured in a clash during which police opened fire as a crowd jostled for rations at a camp in northern Pakistan.

The violence erupted on November 13 in the Bannu district, at a government camp for some of the estimated 150,000 people who have fled their homes following the launch of a military operation targeting militants in North Waziristan in June.

Scuffles broke out, with police firing shots and people in the crowd throwing stones and other objects.

The Pakistani army says it has killed hundreds of militants, clearing the fighters from more than 80 percent of North Waziristan.