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Newseum Honors Journalists Killed In Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ukraine

Faces of fallen journalists on the Newseum's Journalists Memorial is seen at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. (File Photo -- 2013)

The Newseum has memorialized 14 journalists killed while working in 2014, including four who met their deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Ukraine.

The journalists were added to the museum's memorial wall in Washington, D.C.

Among those honored were Associated Press reporter Anja Niedringhaus, 48, who was killed at a security checkpoint in Afghanistan, and Nils Horner, 51, who was shot in the head while on his way to conduct an interview in Afghanistan.

Also memorialized was Irshad Mastoi, 34, who was killed when two gunmen burst into the offices of the Online International News Network in Pakistan.

Another honoree was Vyacheslav Veremiy, 32, who was shot when he stopped to film a group of armed masked men in Ukraine.

At least 60 journalists died while doing their jobs in 2014. The honorees do not include all of the 17 journalists killed in Syria alone last year, several of them beheaded publicly by the Islamic State. Those killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack in January are also not listed.

"What brings us to countries so far from home is often a real desire to understand the world around us," said Kathy Gannon, who was severely wounded in the attack that killed Niedringhaus.

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