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Ten Killed, More Injured In Fog-Related Accidents In Pakistan

A thick fog has severely disrupted both air and road traffic in Pakistan in recent days.

Reports from Pakistan say at least 10 people have been killed and more injured as a result of road accidents in the midst of thick fog to the south of Islamabad in Punjab Province.

Authorities say six people were killed and 10 injured on December 25 when a bus overturned in Hafizabad because of poor visibility.

On the same day, a man was killed and seven others injured when two trucks and a bus collided in the Khanewal District near Multan.

A motorcyclist was also killed and a passenger injured when a car hit their motorcycle in Manawala near Faisalabad.

Another motorcyclist was killed and two women passengers injured when a truck hit them to the east of Multan.

In Lahore, fog forced the airport to close late on December 24 and early on December 25, disrupting air traffic and causing a backlog of flights during much of the weekend.

Pakistani weather experts say thick fog also hung over the plains of upper Sindh Province, disrupting traffic.

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