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Charlie Hebdo Attackers Praised As 'Heroes' At Pakistan Rally

Men offered funeral prayers in Peshawar on January 13 for the Islamist militants who killed 12 people in attacks in Paris last week.

Dozens of people in Peshawar, Pakistan have demonstrated in support of the two Al-Qaeda-linked brothers who claimed responsibility for last week's Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.

Cleric Pir Muhammad Chisti led about 60 followers in prayers for Cherif and Said Kouachi on January 13.

Followers called the brothers "martyrs" and chanting "Death to Hebdo publications."

One banner at the demonstration declared the Kouachi brothers "heroes" while four of the murdered French cartoonists were crossed as "zeroes."

Another banner said: "A strong message was needed and [the Kouachi brothers] delivered it."

In a reference to political cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, the brothers claimed they were avenging the Prophet when they killed 12 people at the magazine's Paris offices on January 7 -- including a Muslim police officer.

The Kouachi's were shot dead on January 9 by police on the outskirts of Paris.

With reporting by AFP