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Pakistan Holds Mass Funeral For Shi'ites Killed In Bus Attack

Members of the Shi'ite community light candles for the victims and to condemn the attack on a bus, in Karachi, Pakistan on May 13.

Hundreds of Pakistanis have paid their respects at a mass funeral for 43 minority Ismailis killed in an attack the day before on a bus in the southern city of Karachi.

Pakistan is observing a day of mourning May 14 over the killings. State-run television broadcast live footage showing mourners attending the last rites for the victims.

The bus was en route to a place of worship for Ismaili Shi'ite Muslims on May 13 when gunmen boarded it and sprayed the passengers with bullets.

A splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban called Jundullah and an Islamic State (IS) affiliate both claimed the attack. Some Taliban fighters have pledged their allegiance to the IS group.

Shi'ite Pakistanis represent around 20 percent of the country's predominantly Muslim population of 200 million.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP