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Six Militants Sentenced To Death In Pakistan

Pakistani relatives and volunteers transport the body of convicted murder Muhammad Afzal after his execution in Karachi on March 17.

Six Islamic militants have been sentenced to death by Pakistani military courts.

In a statement on April 2, the Pakistani Army said the six had been sentenced on charges including terrorism, murder, suicide bombing, and kidnapping.

It said a seventh suspected had been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The army did not say where the courts handed down the verdicts or how many trials they involved.

Those convicted have the right to appeal.

The death sentences marked the first such rulings by military courts since authorities lifted a moratorium on the death penalty last December, after a Taliban attack at an army-run school in Peshawar killed 150 people, mostly children.

More than 50 people, convicted earlier, have been executed during this time.

The Pakistani Taliban has fought the state for over a decade, killing tens of thousands of Pakistanis.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP