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Pakistani Opposition Calls For Sharif's Resignation Amid Corruption Probe

People watch the news of the Supreme Court verdict over Panama leaks on television in Peshawar on April 20.

Pakistani opposition leaders on April 21 called for protests demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as an investigation into his family's finances continues.

Pakistan's Supreme Court ruled on April 20 that there was insufficient evidence to order Sharif's removal from office but ordered further investigations into corruption allegations that emerged following leaks in the Panama Papers that showed Sharif's family holds London real estate in offshore accounts.

While Sharif's ruling Pakistan Muslim League celebrated the court decision as a victory, legal experts say the extended investigation undermines his authority as he heads into an election next year.

Opposition leader Imran Khan said the split 3-2 ruling by the court left no moral authority for Sharif to stand on.

Opposition lawmakers chanted slogans demanding Sharif's resignation and tore up the assembly's agenda for the day on April 20.

The court gave a joint investigating team staffed by six different government intelligence and financial regulatory agencies two months to complete its investigation of the Sharif family's offshore holdings, after which a special bench will decide what action to take.

The prime minister and his children deny any wrongdoing.

Based on reporting by Radio Mashaal and Reuters