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Pakistani Police Arrest Man Driving Through Karachi With Pet Lioness

FILE: A circus lion in a cage in Pakistan.
FILE: A circus lion in a cage in Pakistan.

Police in Pakistan said on June 15 that they arrested a man who was driving his pet lioness through the streets of Karachi after a video of him and the big cat went viral on social media.

A video viewed more than 1 million times on Facebook shows a docile lion lounging in the back of a pickup truck, restrained by a leash and collar, as curious onlookers walk past in the city of about 20 million people.

Saqlain Javed, a local pet dealer, was arrested on June 14 but later freed on bail, police said. Javed said he was taking the animal to the vet and had all the required permits and documentation.

"We have freed the accused on bail but registered a case of negligent conduct with an animal," said Muqadas Haider, a senior police officer.

Javed has a license to run a personal zoo and raise lion cubs but is not allowed to transport lions on city streets and near markets where such animals can endanger lives and property, police said.

Based on reporting by AFP and Reuters