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Saudi Minister In Pakistan After Lawmakers Reject Troop Request

Saudi forces guard border with Yemen.
Saudi forces guard border with Yemen.

Saudi Arabia's religious affairs minister has arrived in Pakistan days after that country's parliament rejected a Saudi appeal for support for its military intervention in Yemen.

On arrival in Islamabad late on April 12, Saleh bin Abdul-Aziz bin Mohammad al-Sheikh said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia had "very strong relations" and the parliamentary decision was an "internal matter."

His arrival follows a visit by the Iranian foreign minister last week, in which the Iranians urged Pakistan to support dialogue in Yemen rather than sending troops.

On April 10, Pakistan's parliament voted not to join the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen.

The move dashed Riyadh's hopes for powerful support from outside of the region in its fight to halt Huthi rebels, some of whom have links to Iran.

The Saudi-led alliance launched air strikes in Yemen against the Huthis on March 26.

Based on reporting by Reuters