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Drone Strike Kills Seven Militants In North Waziristan

Pakistani intelligence sources say a suspected U.S. drone strike in North Waziristan has killed seven militants.

Security officials said that two missiles hit a compound in the village of Datta Khel on August 6.

The officials said most of those killed were foreigners but there was no information about their nationalities.

The Pakistani newspaper "Dawn" reported that the area was used by militants from Al-Qaeda, "as well as foreign fighters such as Uzbeks and Uyghurs."

Meanwhile, members of the Sikh community in Peshawar blocked the main road on August 6 to protest an attack.

One Sikh was killed and three wounded in an attack earlier on August 6.

Sikhs are demanding that authorities find and arrest the attackers.

With reporting by "Dawn," Reuters, AFP and AP