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Pakistani Man Arrested After Shooting Dead Pregnant Singer

Pakistani police have arrested a man suspected of shooting dead a pregnant singer during a party.

The incident occurred in a village near the city of Larkana, in Sindh Province, on April 10.

Local police chief Hazoor Baksh Junejo said on April 12 that Tariq Jatoi, the man suspected of killing local singer Samira Sindhu, had been arrested.

The singer's husband, Ashiq Sammoo, said in a police complaint that a man at the party had pointed a gun at his wife and "threateningly ordered her to stand up and sing." When she said she was pregnant and could not stand, he said, the man shot her.

Jatoi told journalists that he had fired in the air in celebration and a bullet hit the singer by mistake..

Local TV has aired footage of the shooting, which sparked anger on social media and protests by musicians in parts of Pakistan.

Based on reporting by BBC and AP