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Pakistani Migrant Killed On Greek-Macedonian Border

The winning photograph 'UNICEF Photo of the Year 2015' by Georgi Licovski from the European Pressphoto Agency (epa) shows children crying as migrants waiting on the Greek side of the border break through a cordon of Macedonian special police.

Police say a group of five thieves have stabbed a Pakistani man to death on the Greek-Macedonian border.

The incident came as the European Commission is vowing to crack down on migrants travelling the so-called Balkan route from Greece to northern Europe.

It occurred near no-man's-land on the border between Greece and Macedonia, where thousands of migrants gather daily, hoping to secure passage to other destinations in northern Europe and Scandinavia.

Two other Pakistanis were hurt in the early morning attack on January 25, allegedly carried out by Afghans, local police said.

Both survivors were hospitalized but one is in critical condition, they said.

No arrests have been made.

Greek media reported that the assailants stole 400 euros and a cellphone.

Countries along the Balkan route last year began restricting entry only to refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Macedonia last week began to intermittently close its border with Greece, only allowing passage to refugees wishing to go to Germany or Austria.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP