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Pakistani Soldiers Killed In Blast In Tribal District Bordering Afghanistan

Residents of North Waziristan protest in Peshawar against targeted killings in North Waziristan on August 5.

Three Pakistani soldiers have been killed and seven people injured in an explosion in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal district.

A military officer told Radio Mashaal on condition of anonymity that a military convoy was heading to Bannu city from Miran Shah, headquarters of North Waziristan, when it was hit by a blast in the Patasi Ada area.

The injured included three soldiers and four civilians who were traveling in the convoy in the district bordering Afghanistan. It is still not clear whether the blast was a suicide attack or a roadside bomb, and no group has claimed responsibility.

The blast struck the military convoy just hours after three top commanders of the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a militant group also known as the Pakistani Taliban, were killed when their vehicle struck a roadside land mine in Afghanistan.

The incidents come as Pakistani authorities are in contact with the TTP's leadership to discuss a peace agreement. A truce has been in place between the TTP and the Pakistani military for the past two months.