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Pakistani University Reopens After Closure Prompted By Student Lynching

Abdul Wali Khan University
Abdul Wali Khan University

The main campus of Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan, in northwestern Pakistan, has reopened after closing on April 14 following the mob lynching of a student accused of blasphemy.

Officials in the university administration told RFE/RL on May 25 that the university's dormitories will remain closed until "circumstances are favorable" again. Strict security measures were put in place on the main entry gate.

Students told RFE/RL that their parents had advised them to avoid big crowds and political activities.

Mashal Khan, 23, a journalism student, was killed by a mob on the campus on April 13. He was accused of posting "blasphemous content" on social media.

Police say their investigation found that blasphemy allegations against Khan were untrue. Police have arrested more than 50 persons for alleged involvement in his murder.

Police official Mia Saeed told RFE/RL that police were searching for a man named Arif who allegedly incited the mob to kill Khan. He said the man fled to a tribal area.

The Pakistani Supreme Court is currently investigating the incident along with a Joint Investigation Team.