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Report Says Pakistan's Women Still Face Worst Inequality In World

A global report by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum shows that Pakistani women continue to face the world's worst inequality for access to health care, education, and employment.

The annual Gender Gap Index, released on October 28, ranked Pakistan 141 out of 142 countries in the survey.

It is the third consecutive year that Pakistan has received the second to last ranking.

The report says the only country where women face worse inequality issues than Pakistan is Yemen.

Iran was ranked 137th out of 142 countries. Tajikistan was 102nd, Azerbaijan 94th, Georgia 85th, Russia 75th, Romania 72nd, Macedonia 70th, Kyrgyzstan 67th, Ukraine 56th, Serbia 54th, Kazakhstan 43rd, Belarus 32nd, and Moldova 25th.

Data was not available on Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Kosovo, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Nordic nations led the world again in promoting equality of the sexes, with Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in the top five places. The United States was ranked 20th.

With reporting by AP and Dawn