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Four Policemen Killed In Afghanistan Attacks

Two Afghan policemen were shot dead in eastern parts of Kabul on February 17, officials said, in the latest such attack in the capital.

Police said unidentified gunmen opened fire on the pair's vehicle, killing them, while a security official said the two were father and son.

Kabul has seen multiple attacks with small magnetic bombs attached under vehicles and targeted assassinations in recent weeks against security forces, officials, judges, civil society activists, and journalists.

In a separate incident in the western province of Herat, a roadside bomb killed two officers and wounded three more.

TOLOnews said on February 17 that up to 340 people were either killed or wounded in security incidents in Afghanistan since the start of this month as a result of magnetic IEDs, roadside bombs, and targeted killings.

TOLOnews said 168 people were killed and 172 were wounded.

Afghan officials said this week they had arrested a network of militants that was responsible for the attacks.

Violence in parts of the country has increased recently as peace talks between the government and Taliban insurgents have largely stalled.

U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration is reviewing how to handle the peace process, including a troop withdrawal.

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