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Residential Building In Pakistan Collapses, Killing One

Rescue efforts after another of Karachi's building collapsed on March 5.

At least one person was killed in southern Pakistan when a five-story residential building collapsed in the port city of Karachi late on June 7, officials said.

"[The] five-story building was being evacuated when it collapsed," said Mahmood Hashim, a local administration officer who was present at the site in Karachi's Lyari neighborhood.

It is feared that the number of deaths may increase. At least 40 people were living in the building, and it is not known how many were present at the time of collapse, according to the official.

Hashim said at least five injured people were rescued and taken to the hospital.

Local media aired images of the collapsed building and reported that the residents were issued notices to evacuate six months ago due to its dilapidated state.

Army troops also joined the rescue operation to search for the survivors.

Safety codes for the construction of buildings are often ignored in Pakistan, and there have been several such accidents in the past in Karachi.