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60 Million Pakistanis Live Below Poverty Line

Pakistani residents eat food given out by a charity outside a restaurant in Karachi, April 8, 2016.

Nearly 60 million people live below the poverty line in Pakistan, according to a new government report that used a new formula to measure poverty.

The report, from Pakistan's Planning Commission, said poverty levels tripled to 29.5 percent from 9 percent under former estimates.

The report estimates that adults in up to 7.6 million households are earning less than 3,030 rupees per month ($30).

The report uses a new formula that takes into account the cost of basic needs like health and education rather than food intake.

The government said the change was made in accordance with best international practices.

The Pakistani government has been striving to revive an economy dragged down by militant violence and a crippling energy crisis.

Based on reporting by AFP and dpa