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Suicide Bomber Attacks Chinese Embassy In Bishkek, Wounding Three Kyrgyz Employees

Kyrgyzstan's Deputy Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov said the suicide bomber rammed his explosives-laden car into the gate of the Chinese embassy and detonated the explosives.

Kyrgyzstan's government says a suicide car bomber has attacked China's embassy in Bishkek -- killing himself and wounding three embassy employees.

Kyrgyzstan's Deputy Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov said the driver rammed through a gate to get inside the Chinese embassy compound and detonated an explosive device that was inside the car.

Kyrgyzstan's Health Ministry said the three people wounded by the blast were Kyrgyz nationals and had been hospitalized with shrapnel-like injuries -- suggesting the explosive device may have been prepared as a fragmentation bomb.

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Kyrgyzstan's Interior Ministry said later that the injured included two 17-year-old gardeners and a Kyrgyz woman. The ministry did not identify the wounded Kyrgyz woman.

Kyrgyzstan's GKNB state security service said it was investigating the blast but did not provide further details.

Kyrgyz security service sources said several hours after the attack that investigators were still working to identify the man found inside the car after the explosion.

They said the investigators also were trying to establish the identity of the car's owner.

Based on reporting by Reuters,, Xinhua, TASS, and Interfax

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