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Taliban Officials Call On International Airlines To Resume Flights To Afghanistan

Although some airlines have been offering limited flights in and out of Kabul airport, full, normal, commercial services have not resumed.

Taliban officials have called on international airlines to resume flights to Afghanistan, saying that problems at Kabul airport had been resolved.

The statement on September 26 from the Foreign Ministry comes as the new administration continues efforts to open up the country and gain international acceptance.

Last month, Taliban fighters swept into the capital, Kabul, effectively taking control of the country after President Ashraf Ghani and other government officials fled.

The airport, which was damaged during the chaotic U.S.-led evacuation, has since been reopened with the assistance of technical teams from Qatar and Turkey

Some airlines, such as Pakistan International Airlines, have been offering limited services. And a limited number of humanitarian aid and passenger flights have been operating from the airport.

But full, normal, commercial services have not restarted.

"Many Afghan citizens were stuck outside and unable to return to their homeland," Abdul Qahar Balkhi, the newly appointed spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in a statement.

Since taking power, the Taliban has grappled with a major economic crisis and struggled to gain international recognition.

They've also juggled international pressure on issues including girls' education and allegations of reprisals against former officials.

Based on reporting by AFP and Reuters