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U.S. Reporter Kicked Out Of Afghanistan Appeals To High Court

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) announces Judge Merrick Garland (R) as his nominee to the US Supreme Court, in the White House Rose Garden in Washington on March 16.

A reporter who lost his embed status with the U.S. Army for reporting on an argument that turned deadly in Afghanistan is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to take up his case.

Wayne Anderson, 60, says U.S. military officials sent him home in 2010, after he published an article in The Washington Times about the shooting during a training exercise that stemmed from an argument between an Afghan soldier and a U.S. contractor.

Two American contractors and two Afghans were killed, according to the article, which was posted on the newspaper's website alongside video Anderson took showing the wounded Americans being unloaded from an ambulance.

Anderson says U.S. commanders attempted to interfere with his reporting, telling him he was "chasing a non-story."

The Army contends Anderson violated media ground rules by posting video of wounded personnel. Anderson says the footage didn't reveal the identities of the personnel, so no violation occurred.

Anderson in a petition this week seeks reversal of the memorandum terminating his embed status and reinstatement of his credentials.

The Supreme Court only hears about 1 percent of the thousands of petitions it receives each year.

Based on reporting by AP and Wisconsin