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About Gandhara

This website takes its inspiration from Gandhara, an ancient region comprising parts of today's Afghanistan and Pakistan. RFE/RL Gandhara provides its audiences with reporting by Radio Free Afghanistan, locally called Radio Azadi, which boasts one of the largest correspondent networks in the country, and Radio Mashaal correspondents across Pakistan. Through its features, expanded news stories, and interviews, Gandhara provides incisive analysis and in-depth coverage of security, political, social, economic, diplomatic, and human rights issues in the two countries. Subject to our editorial review, Gandhara also provides commentaries and analyses by experts in Afghan, Pakistani, and regional affairs.

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RFE/RL’s mission is to promote democratic values and institutions and advance human rights by reporting the news in countries where a free press is banned by the government or not fully established. RFE/RL journalists provide what many people cannot get locally: uncensored news and open debate. RFE/RL strives to meet the highest standards of objective journalism and report the facts, undaunted by pressure or attempted influence. Our reporters are on the front lines in the fight for media freedom in their countries. RFE/RL serves 23 countries in 27 languages.